Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the dimensions?

    ➤ The Warm Front window heater currently only comes in one size and can comfortably heat a room up to 1000 square feet of space by setting the thermostat to the desired room temperature.

    ➤ W: 22 1/2″; H: 11 1/2″ in the window, 13″ in room; L: 38 1/2″

  • What does it take to install a Warm Front window heater?

    ➤ It’s a 2-person DIY installation. The installation process is like a window A/C unit and requires basic tools.

  • Where can it be installed?

    ➤ It can be installed in a window or a framed opening with zero clearance to combustibles. The quiet operation makes it useable in a bedroom or main living area. The Warm Front can heat up to 1,000 square feet of space with no issue. Many find that it is perfect for mobile, modular, manufactured, and tiny homes, or, remodeled spaces. Also, it’s the ideal solution for shops, garages, or hunting-fishing camps.

  • What is the fuel supply?

    ➤ The primary heat source is propane. It connects to a propane cylinder just like a gas grill. The hose is already attached.  Additionally, the window heater blower and temperature is powered by 110 volts of electricity requiring an 8’ electrical cord with 120 VAC – 50/60 HZ.


  • How does the Warm Front window heater work?

    ➤ The Warm Front window heater is a direct vent heater, similar to a furnace, with all exhaust venting to the outside. To control, there is a touch screen thermostat with on/off temperature and an up and down dimmer bar.

  • Is it safe?

    ➤ The Warm Front window heater passed rigorous safety checks and meets the highest quality standards. Additionally, there is a separate on/off switch for added safety.

  • How efficient is the Warm Front window heater?

    ➤ The Warm Front window heater has an electronic ignition, not a standing pilot which makes it efficient. It’s received an 82% efficiency rating.

  • Is there a warranty?

    ➤ All Warm Front window heaters come equipped with a 1-year warranty.

  • Find In-Store

    ➤ The Warm Front Window Heater can be purchased at Blossman Gas locations across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.